IT Camps for Seattle (Bellevue) and Portland!


Two days ago I posted about the Technet Events that are coming to Bellevue and Portland in November. I am happy to announce that we are bolting on some additional events in the same location on the same days. We will be having IT Camps in the same locations as the Technet events so now you can take off the entire day from work and get some great information to help you in your job!

For this round of the IT Camps we will be providing a group of topics for you to choose from as well as let you suggest your own topics. We will then take a vote to see which topics are the most in demand. We will then deliver presentations as well as solicit feedback from the audience on the topics selected. I will be leading these sessions and will have a large number of virtual machines and demo environments at my disposal to help with the open discussion on the topics YOU select. We hope this format will encourage you to bring topics to the table that YOU want to hear about and that are important to you – right now. I can’t guarantee that we will be able to address all requested topics, but we are going to try!

You can register for the events in two ways --

Seattle (Bellevue) IT Camp via the Microsoft Events Web Site or via Eventbrite.

Portland IT Camp via the Microsoft Events Web Site or via Eventbrite.

Please register and feel free to invite your fellow IT Professionals to the IT Camps as well as the Technet Events!



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