Learning about Windows 8…

I am getting a LOT of question about Windows 8. With the //build conference taking place this week, I thought it would be a good idea to proactively get in front of the deluge of questions I see coming in by the end of the week.

First – I encourage ALL of you to watch the live streams from the //build conference this week. More info here-


Second – Watch Steven Sinofsky’s blog.


Third – If you want to send me Windows 8 questions, look at items 1 and 2 above first. If you can’t find the answers in one of those two locations, I can guarantee you that I will NOT have any additional information for you.

I don’t want to discourage a conversation by any means. But I do not have the answers you are looking for. Believe me, I would love to know everything there is to know about Windows 8 and talk to the whole world about it. But the time is not right yet. When it is, I will start talking. Until then….stay tuned!


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