My Windows Intune Beta Overview screencast is now live!


Hiya Folks!

It took quite a bit longer than I wanted to get this video recorded, posted and available, but it is now finally here! I recorded a screen cast which I posted to Microsoft Showcase as an Overview to Windows Intune Beta. Windows Intune is a cloud based PC management tool from Microsoft that is currently in beta. I have been using it to manage my home network for a couple months now and it has greatly simplified how I manage my machines. My home network is a little more complicated than most average consumers though, so let me start off by saying – This is likely NOT the solution that most individuals will look at for managing their PC’s.

This solution is designed for small to large organizations that are looking to reduce their equipment and maintenance costs in their organizations. It is also a great solution for service providers who are looking to offer a PC management solution to customers. With the exception of a small agent that needs to be deployed to the machines you wish to manage, and having a Silverlight enabled web browser, all the rest of the service exists in the cloud. More specifically at Microsoft Datacenters. There are no servers or services that you have to deploy on premise.

What does Windows Intune offer? Well take a look at my screencast to find out!

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Here is a link to the Microsoft Showcase site where the video resides.


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