The Whirlwind SharePoint and Office Tour…

We are starting our SharePoint Server 2010, Office 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 Launch Tour next week in Denver, CO. I will be on the road with my friends and peers – Chris Henley from Utah and Harold Wong from Arizona. The three of us will be splitting up some sessions on SharePoint and Office while our developer counterparts handle to Visual Studio Pieces. For some of the events, we are doing a full day of presentations for IT Pros and Developers. Other events will feature a 1/2 day of just IT Pro Content. In both cases, the IT Pro sessions are in the morning starting around 8am and ending around 12 noon.  

Here is a list of the dates and cities I will be at along with direct registration links --


Launch 2010 Main Registration Site

Denver, CO – April 20thFull Day Event

Ft. Collins, CO – April 21st – Half Day Event

San Diego, CA – May 3rd – Half Day Event

Salt Lake City, UT – May 5th – Half Day Event

Los Angeles, CA – May 11th – Half Day Event

Los Angeles (Costa Mesa), CA – May 18thFull Day Event

Sacramento, CA – May 19th – Half Day Event

San Francisco, CA – May 20thFull Day Event

Portland, OR – May 26th – Half Day Event

Seattle, WA – May 27thFull Day Event

There are some subtle differences between the half and full day events but in both cases you will be getting plenty of information on the new SharePoint and Office offerings.


Comments (2)

  1. Benjamin S says:

    Chris, thank you for letting us know when and where!  I’ve been looking for information and have had no luck.  Thank Chris Henley for us – I for one am excited for even a half day in Utah.

  2. Tom Radcliffe says:

    You need to move your events back to a movie theater. The seats were too close together. It was worse than coach on a plane. The room was too hot. It was so uncomforable that I left after the first session.

    The movie theaters provide much more comfortable seating, every seat can easily see the screen and they know how to do climate control for a large audience.

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