New discount offer for TechNet Plus Direct subscriptions….


Good News!   We are continuing our discount promotion on NEW TechNet Plus Direct subscriptions! For the next 3 months, you can get 25% off a NEW TechNet Direct Plus subscriptions. That is 25% off the regular price of $349!!   That brings the price down to $261.75

To get the discount, you can click the graphic to the left or in the sidebar of my blog and it will take you to the TechNet site and automatically fill in the promo code for you. If the code does not get filled in, simply enter TNITQ409 as the Promotion Code on the site when making a new order.

TechNet Plus Direct subscriptions eliminate all of the DVD’s that you would normally have shipped to you. You have online access to download all the software you would normally have shipped to you. Almost all of the software is in .ISO format so you can easily mount the .ISO image to extract files or install the software –OR- you can burn the .ISO to physical media if you need to install that way. This saves money and helps eliminate waste (all those coasters!).

This format has saved me several times when I have been traveling and needed access to the bits for some demo I needed to build at the last minute!!


So what is in a TechNet Plus Direct Subscription?

  • Full-version evaluation software without time limits
  • Beta software releases
  • Technical Information Library
  • Professional Support Incidents
  • Managed newsgroups
  • Online concierge Chat
  • Technical training resources and Microsoft E-Learning Courses

    You can get full details of what is in the subscription at this link – TechNet Plus Direct Subscription.



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    1. ML49448 says:

      does anybody know if there is a discount for disabled veterans, $261.00 is a little steep on a fixed income.

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