About the Interesting Downloads posts….

First, I would like to thank everyone that has provided me feedback on the Interesting Download postings over the last couple of years. The new format seems to be much better received than the HUGE posting I was doing before. I took the easy way out with the original long form post. It was just a cut and paste from a weekly email I receive. Easy for me, but pretty darn ugly for a blog post and especially so for those of us that consume the web with mobile devices. It is a little more work for me, but in the end, the postings look better and you have told me that you get more out of them.

I also received some feedback about breaking the posts up into more logical chunks. Fortunately, that work is pretty much done for me via the email I receive. This again makes for a much more viewable and somewhat filterable set of postings.

I also need to give credit where it is due. I do not make this list from scratch every week. I receive and email from a Technical Account Manager named David Lymburner every week with all of this great information that I pass on to you. I am sure there are others involved in the process as well so kudos to everyone that is involved. I can assure that our customers appreciate the information!

Finally, I would like to thank a long time blog reader and frequent TechNet event attendee - Robert Banghart - for keeping me on my toes. I have had some hyperlink issues that he has quickly caught and notified me about. This makes for a higher quality posts and speaks to the power of social media and feedback loops. Thanks Robert!

Get ready….here come the posts!



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