It’s been a while…

Wow!  It has been a long time since I posted anything to my blog. I made a conscious decision to back off from blogging late last year to figure out how to get re-energized around social media. That conscious break turned into an extended sun-conscious break from ALL social media. I was feeling tremendously overloaded with information and just shut it all down – no blogging, no Tweeting, no Facebook, no nothing.

It was actually quite refreshing to feel unshackled from the required maintenance of updating and monitoring all of the social outlets I was involved with. In fact, I would encourage ALL of you to evaluate how much time you dedicate to monitoring all of the different site and tools you think you have to be involved with and keep updated. You may be surprised to realize just how much time it really is.

On the other hand, the powers that be have pushed information to all of these portals with such frequency and effort that it really is almost required to be involved in a few just to stay apprised of goings on. So I do feel as if I have missed out on a lot.

But it comes down to striking a balance.

I have settled on using my blog, Twitter and Facebook as my primary outlets for collecting and disseminating information as well as for staying in touch with business and personal contacts. I am going to give Friendfeed a shot at aggregating all of this for a while to try to keep everything nice and condensed.


Someone you have reported over the past couple of months that my blog formatting was botched, so I finally sat down today and cleaned things up. Here are my test results:

IE8 – Perfect

Opera 10.10 – Perfect

Firefox 3.6 – Formatting skewed

Chrome (36714) – Formatting skewed

I don’t have any other versions of IE loaded on any machines currently to test with, but hey!…you should be on IE 8 ANYway!  🙂

To be perfectly honest, getting the formatting fixed for Firefox and Chrome are pretty low on the priority list right now, BUT, I will start and email thread with some people I know to see if it is a quick fix that can be implemented with little effort.



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