Windows 7 Launch Events coming to you! (hopefully!)….

We now have a Windows 7 Launch Event site up and running that has information on where we are doing launch events and how to get registered. For my area, the events are in Seattle on October 12th and Portland on October 14th.



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  1. jim says:

    NOTHING in North Carolina? Nothing at all?

    BTW, this page looks awful in Firefox.

  2. kjw says:

    Wow — seats went quick. Not even waiting list for Windows 7 in Seattle. And only waiting list for the Server 2008 R2 event.

  3. Russ Clark says:

    Why do they do all the tracks at the same time and same date?  I would love to attend all three on the IT Pro side, but now I can’t.  With only two IT Pros in my company we can only attend 2 of them.  I guess Exchange will have to wait until later.  I really wish they would think about the small guys like us.

  4. Benjamin S says:

    What happened to Salt Lake City?  I have to run to Denver?  Las Vegas isn’t even an option!

  5. Chris E. Avis says:

    @All – Frankly I am a little surprised by how few events there are and what cities were "missed" as well. The feedback has been pased along….

    @Jim – Wow!   You are right!   I will working on the formatting to clean it up for FF users.

    @Russ – I understand your frustration as I am also a Windows/Exchange person. I am in the same boat as you wanting to see both sets of content. We will be doing the content online though so you will get to see it in some form.

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