Zune HD – It’s real….

Engadget has a great article on info they picked up on the rumored Zune HD device.

We (Microsoft) have also posted an official Zune HD information page.



Briefly -

3.3” OLED Multi-touch screen (take that iPhone!)

Integrated HD Radio receiver (take that iPod!)

HD Video Out – My father has a nice HDTV but no HD tuner. Now I can plug right in an show him what his TV can really do!

Wireless – I have always enjoyed but underused this feature. Happy to see it is still there!

IE Web Browser - (take that again iPhone!)

Onscreen QWERTY keyboard – Not a big fan of these keyboards so I hope we get this right!

Integration with XBox and XBox Live – HUGE Win!



Comments (1)

  1. Martin Hubka says:

    … its real but not in europe 🙁 … hello iPod, u are so real 🙂

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