Guitar Hero with Annie “Ecstacy” Leung at TechEd….

Woo HoO! I am at TechEd in Los Angeles talking face-to-face with IT Pros this week. I am working a couple of areas this week – the Thrive booth where we are talking about resources to help IT Pros with Virtualization, Cost Savings, Certification and lot more – and, the Server Quest II booth which is the second version of a Silverlight based game that has a nice 80’s retro game feel to it. It also features a lot of useful information for IT Pr’s and Developers on our products and tools.

There….now that I have tied this post to gaming…..


Me with Annie Leung at TechEd 2009

I will be here for 3 more days but the highlight to beat is getting to play Guitar Hero head-to-head with Annie “Ecstacy” Leung. Annie is one of the top ranked professional game players in the world! I had heard the name Ecstacy and Guitar Hero before but it wasn’t until I saw her at the Kingston booth that it clicked who she really was. I played a 1/2 dozen songs against her and she crushed me on all but one. The last song we played was Barracuda by Heart. She missed a note early on and I managed to get ahead of her in points till about the half way point in the song when I got very nervous about the possibility of beating her and I fell apart. I imagine I would have fallen apart anyway so I can say with all honesty that her crown was never seriously challenged by me 🙂 You can read more about Annie at her MySpace page too.

Thank you Annie!



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    I guess I didn’t do a good job of blogging every day with a daily recap so now I’m just posting an all

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