It’s going to be a good day!

Why?   For one, I get to head downtown and hop on a ferry to go over to Poulsbo, WA for a User Group meeting this evening. I wish I had time to make the drive around the sound because I have not driven over into the peninsula area of WA yet and I would like to do that. But I also have not been out on the ferries in about a year which is way too long. I will be bringing my camera along with me to snap some pictures along the way. In fact, the sunset banner picture at the top of my blog is a crop of a picture I took from a ferry ride I took about two and half years ago. I had taken a day trip out Port Townsend with my parents and took a bunch of pictures and this was one of them.


Taken from the back of a ferry from Port Townsend to Seattle (9/2/2006)


Another reason for the good day - I will be delivering a live presentation on Windows 7 to the West Sound Technology Association user group. I emphasize live because that is what I enjoy more than anything about what I do – being in front of a group of people and talking about our products and technologies. Sure, blogging, webcasting, Twitter, Facebook all have there place and are great for broad reach, but nothing beats standing in front of a live group of people and seeing people’s body language, facial expressions and of course not knowing what the next question will be.

Final reason for the good day – I finally got on board with Pandora Internet Radio. I can’t say why I have dragged my feet for as long as I have but no matter now. I am in. I am currently listening to Thievery Corporation on a station I created called “Chill”. So far the music matches what I listen to on a channel called “Sirius Chill” on my Sirius Satellite radio. Jazzy, trancey, trip-hop music. Upbeat enough to dance to (I don’t dance) but relaxed enough to always have in the background. Great “sit at the computer an work” music. I tried to send a link to the station I created to myself to both my work and home addressed but it seems that spam filters are grabbing it before it every gets to my mailbox. Once I figure out an alternate way of linking the station I will get it up jere.



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