Good Morning!

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I have been waiting to do this post ALL YEAR!

This morning I woke up and started my normal routine – make myself some coffee, start making breakfast (toast, 1 fried egg, cottage cheese), turn on my Sirius satellite radio (which rarely leaves channel 35 Sirius Chill). Normally the next step in routine is to let the dogs out to run around and do their thing. But, I recently had to have my Invisible Fence moved because my dogs were charging through multiple times a day. I figured the change in the “zap area” would change things up for them and put a stop to that. So far it has worked (about a week with no charge throughs!). But, the new zap area actually overlapped my front porch so the first time I let them out to run the yard they both got zapped. I have adjusted the zap area to allow them out the front door but they are skittish about it still (good!). So the new routine is to go out the basement door. This actually works well because my home office is in the basement so I just carry coffee and breakfast down with me, let the dogs out, then head into the office area which is the final step of the routine.

And now the reason for the post…..As I opened the door to let the dogs out, I smelled Spring. I saw Spring. It is Spring time!

The weather up here in Redmond, Wa has been pretty blah so far this year. Lots of snow (“Oh it doesn’t snow very often down here at this elevation.” Everyone told me when I first moved here). Plenty of rainy days. And I am talking REAL rain, not the misty stuff that the Puget Sound is famous for. Most everyone I have talked to is ready for Spring to come. We are ready for the weather to warm up to the point that we can stop burning fires and running our furnaces. About two weeks ago there were two days in a row that psyched us all out by letting us open up all the doors and windows to air out our homes. But both days everything closed back up and the heaters were back on.

Today is different though. There is a Spring smell that is difficult to explain. It is the smell of green. The smell of life recycling and renewing itself. The smell of of thousands of different varieties of fauna and flora beckoning the bees to come dance on blossoms and petals to start spreading life.

There are also a few visible signs of spring as well. The cherry blossoms are popping out all around town. I can’t do those justice so I will spend some time taking pictures this weekend and post them here next week. They are just fantastic. There is one visible sign of spring that is unique the the micro-climate that covers my little neck of the woods. We get this morning fog/haze that hangs in the trees sometimes till about 10 or so in the morning before quickly fading away. We have only seen hints of it a few days recently but today it is in full force.


Facing my neighbors log home looking at the morning haze.

Even as I write up this post the haze is actually getting thicker as I look out my basement office window. If history is any indication of how this day should pan out, the haze will peak out between 8 and 9 and then by 10am be pretty much gone. With any luck I will get a glimpse of this mythical being I keep hearing about called “Sol”. When it comes to the Sun up here in the Pacific Northwest , Sol has dual meaning.



I am of course no meteorologist, and even if I was one, as sure as I were to predict nice weather it would snow 8 inches the next day. However, I just have this feeling that the seasons are changing. That the weather is going to get more comfortable and hospitable. I am no fool though. The sweaters and winter shoes aren’t getting packed up until we have a week straight of 70+ degree days and even then I am keeping them close!


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