Back from Vacation and travel….

Whew!   What a week it has been!  Spent time at the Windows/Exchange conferences last week and then another 4 days on vacation with my kids. Had a blast doing both and have a few stories to share once I get caught up with all of my admin work I am behind on from the last week.

Things I need to do....

Do my expenses (I am late!)

Replace my iPhone (it took a swim in a hot tub)

Do some Q4 planning

Catch up on email (lots and lots of email, please be patient...)

Get slides and supporting information posted for the sessions I delivered at the conference (this will be one of the last things completed today)

If you need anything from me, the best place to reach me today will be email as I will be be shutting down all of my social apps today to eliminate distractions and get caught up.  I will have a phone back in action around 12noon pacific time today if you need to call.



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