Resources for today’s Virtualization webcast….

As promised, here are some resources for the webcast I delivered this morning. Two of the questions I deferred to the blog are -

What software packages need to be ordered/in-place to run Microsoft Application Virtualization?

This is the SoftGrid Application Virtualization product. This is available in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack which is a suite of products designed to help you manage, maintain and optimize you desktop and application deployments for both physical and virtualized instances.

Some addition interesting downloads/information pages

SoftGrid Application Virtualization Tech Overview

Application Virtualization Resource Kit Tools

Application Virtualization Tech Center on Technet

The other question -

Are there and UPS Solutions for Windows Server Core?

I made some queries and I came up empty on this.  I figured APC would have a solution by now since they are one of the major players in the UPS market but I don't see anything listed on there site either. This is not to say that there is no solution but I did not find one listed on the first two pages of a Live or Google Search which leads me to believe they aren't readily available.



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