Windows 7 Load & Learn event….

This morning I sat down with a couple of folks and we brainstormed up an event that we would like to try out. We are going to try to turn this around on pretty short notice so I am asking for your feedback on what you would like to see.

The concept is to have an event at a local MS office where you bring in your own machine and we will help you get Windows 7 installed to it. The simplest method of doing this would be to have you plug into a local LAN, PCE boot, and we will use WDS to give you some flavor of Windows 7. We may also just have you install from physical media. We are also going to try to make sure you have physical media or, at the very least, provide access to an .ISO image that you can download and burn to disk in the event you want to start over.

Regardless, there will be time while the install is running for us to have some 30-90 minute presentations on Windows 7, Q&A sessions, Roundtables, etc. This is where I would appreciate your feedback.

What would you want to see/do during the hour or so that Windows is installing?

The first of these events will be in the Redmond/Seattle area with plans to expand quickly across the US. If we are successful, maybe we can make this happen across the world!

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  1. Mark Aggar says:

    I assume you will be doing clean installs, else if you allow upgrade you could be a looking at a 3-4 hour event!

    One suggestion for what to talk about – power management features!

  2. Chris E. Avis says:

    Yes!   These would be for clean installs. I would like to do these via PCE Boot and install via WDS but we will likley provide media based installs as well.

    I will add Power Mgmt to the list of topics to consider.


  3. Bill Walter says:

    While Windows 7 is loading I would like to see a detailed discussion of Microsoft’s vision of the Windows home experience. The dscussion should cover what you can do now with Home Server, Windows 7, XBox, and Media Extenders, and Tuner Cards. It should also cover what you cannot do and why? This would cover things like how do I get my 100 DVD movies into a library that Media Center can serve out to any Xbox, or Media Center? How do I install a Blue Ray drive on my Media Center so it can serve out Blue Ray content to any HD device in the house? How do I configure NetFlix download, XBox Live download etc so any HD device in the house can receive the content? If these things cannot be done why not and is Microsoft working on solutions?

  4. Chris E. Avis says:


    Awesome ideas for a sessions or even sessions. I have to say that I would have a hard time pulling that one off only because the Win7 Load fest would be geared towards IT Pros and Developers. But I promise you I will run this by the eHome team and see if I can get them to help me out. Even if they can’t, I have been toying with some MCE/Extender/XBox webcast ideas and could certainly weave this into that project.


  5. Steve Silverwood says:

    Hmm.  What to cover?  My main interests are remote support, plus features specific to laptop users.  Power Management’s already been mentioned.

    And here’s a vote for one of these events in the Orange County, CA area.  You mentioned it at the TechNet event this morning, so I thought I’d chime in with an "official" request for an event here.

    BTW, thanks for a tboroughly engaging — as usual! — presentation this morning!


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