New Org, Same Role…..

As of Friday of last week, I am part of the DPE - Developer and Platform Evangelism team at Microsoft. My previous team was always sort of a dotted line to this org but now it is official. What I do as an IT Evangelist doesn't change much - I will still be reaching out to IT Pro's and speaking about our products and technologies. But there will be a lot more opportunity to connect with local groups and partners which I am very much looking forward to. This is one area that I have always wanted to dive into but have not taken advantage of. I am particularly interested in working with and starting up some local user groups.

If you are interested in starting a User Group in the NorthWest, please let me know!

I am also slowly updating my Facebook and other social networking accounts. I have spent a lot more time reading and lurking then joining in the conversations. That needs to change so I am refreshing the services I want to be a part of and ditching the ones that don't do anything for me. Look for a post later this week on those updates.

I have a webcast this Friday entitled - Consolidation and Rapid Provisioning. I will be talking about System Center Virtual machine Manger and how it can be used to quickly provision new servers and consolidate physical machines to virtual.

Finally, I know I have not been nearly as active as a blogger in recent months. My goal of a blog post a day fizzled right around Thanksgiving. The holidays and quite frankly, the uncertainty of how things would flesh out with the economy and jobs took a toll on me. One thing I have recognized though in the past few months is the importance of connectedness and staying in touch with personal and business relationships. I have decided to revamp my blog a bit so you will see some cosmetic changes and likely some blog focus changes.

I have my first 1-1 meeting with my new manager (Scott Kerfoot) in just over an hour so I will have a much better feel for the directions I will be taking after that.

As always, let me know what I can help you with and I will get you in touch with the right people!



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