Stop stealing my blog posts…..

There has been some discussion recently on some DL's here at Microsoft about sites that re-post blog posts without permission. I will call it what it is which is the theft of copyrighted materials for the purpose of monetary gain. I don't like saying copyrighted because copyrights get a bad rap these days depending on who you speak to, but from the perspective that *I* sat down and *I* wrote the blog post, the work does belong to me. If someone else wants to repost it, at least credit me with the original posting. Anyway.....most of the talk on the DL is about how to address it and deal with it and block it and stop it and blah blah blah blah....I decided to blog about it and then see if this post would get stolen too.

Check this out...if you look at the comments for my three most recent posts to my blog --

More P2V Conversion FUN with SCVMM 2008...

Four machines down and one to go!

Slides and additional info from Technet Presentation...

All three of those posts have a pingback linking to and then the first parts of my posts duplicated verbatim with a link back to my posts near the end of each entry. If you click on the calendar links to the right you will see that several Technet and MSDN blogs are getting the same treatment all in the quest for advertising dollars from some unscrupulous miscreant.

In reality I don't care all that much because it isn't taking money away from me. I receive no advertising revenue from my blog. But I don't like what I am doing to be diluted. I also don't like people getting redirected off to 3rd party sites that are sprinkled with ads, click-throughs and who knows what else. I really don't like what I am posting to get listed as "Anonymous" when I am hardly anonymous. If I wanted to post things anonymously I would create an anonymous blog. the owner of If you want to link to me....fine. If you want to use pieces of my blog posts in your own.....also long as you credit me. But please.....


Stop stealing my blog posts......



ps....I will start deleting these kind of pingbacks in the future.


note......WHOIS on via CodeFlux

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  1. Twins Plus One says:

    No. Stealing is not nice at all.

    Bad mstechnews!

    Interesting place you got here.

    Nice picture, too.

  2. JamesB says:

    What they are doing may or may not be illegal based on the country the act is taking place in so is it theft or copyright may or may not apply.

    that said however the hosting company for is in the U.S. so complain to their provider and have the site yanked, send a DMCA, everybody else does.

  3. breiff says:

    Is am not sure, wheater this might be a bigger problem. Right now this MSTECHNEWS aggregates

    almost all technet and msdn blogs.

    But there is no guarantee, that it will not switch to an malware spreading site,…

  4. Gis Bun says:

    As you are on a Microsoft owned site, I’d send the Microsoft lawyers after them. [The lawyers, in this case, are useful for once – and probably aren’t busy. 🙂 ]

  5. Hi!

    I am also affected. There is on a ABOUT side where you can request, that this side no longer uses your blog… I did this, lets look, if it helps..

    And i remove all of the trackbacks from this side…


  6. Chris E. Avis says:

    Thanks for all the comments!

    It doesn’t matter to me if it is illegal in the US and legal in some other coutry. It is just bad form. Though I have noticed that the site did NOT pick up this particular post. I wonder why…..


  7. Anonymous says:

    Security Session von Jesper Johansson. Sehr anschaulich, gut und witzig. Key takeways: Thieves have no

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