More P2V Conversion FUN with SCVMM2008…

I still can't believe how easy and dare I my physical machines to VM's with SCVMM2008! I did hit my first roadblock today while converting a test machine that has some SSL features enabled though. Specifically the FTP over SSL in the IIS7 on Windows 2008. SCVMM uses TCP ports 80 and 443 for communicating to the source machine during conversion and for installing a temporary agent to the source machine. If the source machine already has a service listening on TCP 443, you will see the following error shortly after selecting Scan System in the Convert Physical to Virtual Wizard -


I initially tried stopping all of the IIS based services but that did not resolve the issue. I even followed the directions in the error by adding the P2VBITSTcpPort reg key and trying the conversion again. I was on the right track but what the message above doesn't tell you is that you also have to restart the Virtual Machine Manager service before the new port will get read into SCVMM. After restarting the service I was able to get past that error and move onto the rest of the conversion. According to one of our techs this is being added to the SCVMM help content so we know to restart the service.


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