Texas State Fair Day!

<Imitating a big booming voice>

Hoooooowdy Folks! Welcome to the Texas State Fair!Big Tex

That would be the voice of Big Tex - the iconic simple of the Texas State fair. You can hear Big Tex at BigTex.com, the official site for the State Fair of Texas. Big Tex has been at the entrance of the state fair since 1952. I can remember his voice greeting me back in the early 70's. I am excited about going because it has been about 7-8 years since that visit.

I am taking the kids out to the fair today for funnel cakes, corn dogs, and slew of other not so healthy food stuffs.  I will let the carnies guess my weight. The kids will beg me to ride the spinning teacup with them (before any food gets consumed). I will beg the kids to ride the giant ferris wheel with me. They will get their wish, I probably won't ('fraidy cats!). We will spend way too much money the Midway trying to win stuffed animals that probably contain toxic chemicals. We will ride rides that are likely made out of tinfoil and should be condemned. We will buy all sorts of souvenirs that we will immediately relegate to the trash, basement, or convert to dog toys.

We are going to have a blast!

We will do all of this and more....but the best part is knowing that just 24 hours earlier, Texas beat OU at the Cotton Bowl which is located next to the state fair! Wait......Texas beat #1 Ranked OU at the Cotton Bowl which is located next to the state fair.

Me thinks the rankings should be updated....



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