Did my mouse just jump a shark?

I just sat down at my laptop and realized I don’t have my external mouse plugged in. As I am going for it, it dawns on me that I can’t remember the last time I used the external mouse with my laptop. I think it was for my event in Berkeley, CA about three weeks ago.

Three weeks of not missing my external mouse.

That means I have become "okay" with the touchpad on my Lenovo. I don’t use the mouse nub that is nestled into the keyboard. That I just won’t ever like. Period. But the touchpad has slowly worked its way into everyday use for me. I still use a wired mouse for the bulk of my servers (connected to a KVM switch) and I have a bluetooth mouse for my Media Center. There is a certain precision with those that just can’t be beat.

Maybe part of the reason is because I went back to using a laptop mouse that requires a USB receiver. I much preferred my Microsoft Presenter Mouse which was bluetooth. No dongle, just a switch which I believe does an auto shutoff as well. I never used the laser much except to torment my dogs and give myself a heck of a belly laugh. Now that I think of it, the buttons for slide control are a little bit overkill for me since I don’t like slides.

What this really means is now I have two spare laptop mice. I have two laptops for some demos and so i had two external mice. Now my two laptops are identical Lenovos so I guess I will like the touchpad pad on both and not need either mouse.

Now….how to maximize my return on two used laptop mice in these economic times……?


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