Ah Man! Just missed my blog time!

I drove back frantically from the karaoke bar trying to make it before my midnight post time. It would have been a lame post had I made it and this one won't be any better.

I did spend a bit of time on Twitter tonight. I recently started following a bunch more people, some of which are old time acquaintances. It certainly makes using Twitter more enjoyable when I actually know some of the people I am tweeting with.

I am a bit perturbed by this though. I am really having issues with Tiny Twitter on on my Treo. It crashes pretty regularly. I don't want to blame the app itself just yet though. What I would be interesting is finding an application like PC Decrapifier for my mobile phone. I mentioned this app in a recent presentation and it got me thinking about the same thing for a WinMobile device. There is a bunch of crap on my phone that came straight from AT&T that I have never used, will never use, and would love to remove from the phone. Getting rid of a bunch of that stuff would free up memory and stabilize the device.

If someone knows of such an app - a SmartPhone Decrapifier - PLEASE let me know!




*** Update *** I guess I didn't miss it!  I am in Texas and counted off one too many time zones!

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