Lots of tech news today….

This afternoon I started typing up a post with links to a bunch of interesting tech stuff. Then I ran across this post by Scoble and realized he had already done all the heavy lifting. I scrapped my post and will share a few other tidbits....

WaMu sold to JP Morgan Chase - To this all I have to say is......Bwahahahahahaha!  You would have to know my history with WaMu to understand why I am tickled that they went under. Suffice it to say I wrote an angry letter to them about 4 years ago predicting their failure. I feel vindicated. I have gone out of my way to NOT do any business with them for years now. They bought up my credit card company a couple years ago and I have been shopping ever since for a new company. Now I don't have to. I already have a Chase card...now I guess I will end up with two.

Kentucky Governor award control of 141 gambling related domain names - Again.....Bwaahahaha!   This won't fly.  The gambling sites aren't even in the US. If the state doesn't want their citizens gambling then send some IT people over to China to learn their nasty tricks. Block the sites. I am not for that, just saying it is a better option than seizing domain names. The gambling sites are businesses and should be allowed to operate.

Mistrial Declared in RIAA trial - Everyday People - 1 / Oppressive Recording Industry Regime - 0

We can make fun of Bush now....right? - Nuff Said....



Comments (2)

  1. ye110wbeard says:


    You forgot "Buah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" on the RIAA case… 🙂

    A big phphhtttt to them too… 😛 (times 1/0)

  2. Kyle says:

    I have to argue w/ you on that one, WaMu are the good guys and Chase are the bad guys….and I have 7 years of calls from their collections department for absolutely NO reason to prove it!

    Gotta love Kentucky!  Who do they think they are?

    RIAA sucks!

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