XP SP3 on Windows Update?

I had a question come to me in email that stumped for a bit.

"Do you think that Microsoft made SP3 a automatic update too soon?"

It stumped me because I don't use XP for anything except demos and haven't had an active XP system on my home LAN for over a year now. So I have never actually loaded XP SP3......ever.

After a bit of research this is what I found.....

According to the Windows XP Web Site, XP SP3 is available through Windows Update. I didn't have much doubt about that but I can't actually confirm it without building an XP system to see if it end up in the Windows Update list. That means it should also be available to synch up with a WSUS server if you have one.

In addition you can download the package from these links.

XP SP3 Network Install Package - For IT Pros or consultants that need a local copy to patch machines with

XP SP3 packaged as an .ISO file - Just what it says.

XP SP3 Overview - just some light reading....



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