Looking for Motherboard suggestions….

I have several dual-CPU machines. Yes....these are true multiple-CPU machines, not multi-core machines. With one exception, I have been very happy with these machines over the years. I would like to build a super server based on a dual-CPU config with quad cores on each physical CPU. I haven't paid much attention to the hardware on the high end recently so I am looking for some suggestions on what to investigate. I will say that I am partial to ASUS and GIGABYTE mobo's and I like Intel but will certainly consider AMD as well. I would also like a mobo that supports 16gigs of RAM or more.

So...in summary, this is what I am looking for...

MoBo that support dual CPU's @ quad core each CPU

Supports 16 gigs or more of RAM

on board SATA RAID

eSATA support (optional)


Anyone have any suggestions?



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  1. shawn says:

    I like AMD solutions better for multiple CPU’s. The AMD HT (Hyper Transport) technology works very well. Any high end motherboard you get now is going to support at least 16GB if not 32GB. I am assuming you will be using Server08 and Hyper-V. Should be a kickin server when all said and done. I like ASUS a lot. My rule is when you go high end with Intel platform, stay with an Intel motherboard. Intel support is great. Keep us posted on the server! AMD platform = ASUS   Intel platform = Intel.

    Just my .02

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