What happens in Vegas…..

When I first started in the evangelism role, we had a team that got together about 4 times a year to reconnect with each other and plan things out for the upcoming weeks. We had a tendency to cut loose so a motto was developed for us "Work Hard. Play Hard. Land Face Down." That last part was a joke designed to protect us in the event we were wearing a Microsoft Logo shirt. Land face down so no one knows where you work (at least till they roll you over).

This week we are meeting as a much larger team in Vegas. That same motto applies here only with all of the connotations that Vegas brings with it. We are starting out tonight with a Craps night in tribute to a good and much missed friend of our - Rob Westover. Rob taught me how to play craps in Vegas several years ago. It remains one of my favorite games to play when I come in town. A large group of us are meeting soon to head out and take over a craps table, have a few cocktails, and pay tribute to our friend Rob.

Tomorrow morning's 8am meetings should be interesting.....


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