I downloaded Chrome and played with it a little over the past 24 hours. Then I uninstalled it.

First, there is all the hullaballoo over the EULA that I am sure you have seen a million other places. I am not sure I would ever use it based upon that regardless of what other features they throw at it.

Second, it wasn't any faster at bringing up pages that IE 7 (My current default browser) or Firefox 3.0 (installed to a test machine for....testing). There have been a smattering of reports about how mush less memory it consumes, but to be perfectly honest, I don't care how much memory my broser uses as long as it doesn't interfere with other operations. The two machines I use the most have 8 gigs of RAM in them and so I worry even less about it.

Third, I don't need a 3rd browser. Particularly one that is unproven, doesn't have a bunch of features and supports the competition.

I realize I have a biased view being a Microsoft employee, but....really? Another browser? I am all for cool new stuff as long as it is innovative and changes the game or makes my life simpler or easier. This does none of those things in my opinion.

I will revisit Chrome as they release newer, shinier versions of it, but I am quite happy with IE (and the occasional foray into Firefox land).



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  1. Kyle says:


    But I agree completely (minus the memory…us poor guys can only afford 2 gigs).  I prefer to have everything work, so I will stick w/ IE.


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