The Facebook walk of shame….

Can I take yesterdays post back?

I logged in this morning thinking I would spend a few minutes poking around, adding/removing/configuring apps, adding friends, etc. Now here is it 20 minutes later and I know I could spend another couple hours here.

That is exactly what I don't want to be doing on a social networking service.

To put this in perspective....I was a part of the BBS generation in the 80's and 90's. In the early 90's I discovered social chat BBSes. I became so involved in the social chat BBS world that I went in with a partner and purchased an ailing chat BBS convincing myself that I was doing so because it could be a money making venture.

The real reason I bought in was because I was addicted to chatting online. I had a lot of fun chatting with and meeting people from the online world. But it was an addiction for me and one that I am glad I finally kicked.

The last thing I want to do is find myself spending hours and hours a day in social media networks when my yard needs to get mowed, the fence needs to be mended, and so on and so on. I have acquaintances that I see on MySpace every single time I log on and that is exactly not who I want to be. I realize I need to clean things up on my largely ignored Facebook profile, but I already wish I would have just cut Facebook loose instead of committing to 30 days.

But!  I am going to ride it out because I said I would.

I am very much going to focus on value though. If Facebook doesn't give me some real value then come day 31 I am out. As I noted yesterday, I have all kinds of ways to waste time that are more enjoyable to me. I want a social service that stimulates my mind and create good connections with other people. Right now all I see is a time suck.

Sorry to sound so negative about it and I blame myself for creating an account, blindly adding apps and accepting group invites and blah, blah, blah then letting things go. I will work on that over the next 29 days.....



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