Desktops v1.0 from Sysinternals….

This little tidbit came across Twitter via @Carnage4Life (Dare Obasanjo)....

Mark Russinovich, known for his work on Sysinternals and now a Technical Fellow at Microsoft, along with Bryce Cogswell, also from Sysinternals and also now with Microsoft recently released an awesome little virtual desktop application....and when I say little, I mean to the tune of 120k once the package was on my disk.

Desktops v1.0 allows for up to 4 virtual desktops to be used on a Windows based system. The download page doesn't list any system req's that I could find but it seems to work just fine on my 64 bit Vista Ultimate+SP1 laptop. In fact, I am writing this blog post with Live Writer launched on desktop #2 and everything else running in desktop #1.

I am a big fan of apps that you can install and figure out without every reading any docs and this one fits neatly into that category. Just install it and all the instruction you need pop up on screen.

On my system, the first time I switched to each of the 4 desktops, it took about 10 seconds to refresh and fill in the tray icons, but each subsequent toggle to the desktops is instantaneous.

I have never been a big fan of virtual desktop apps because they never seemed to actually work. This one is working just fine and is super simple.


Comments (2)

  1. Gis Bun says:

    Since there is no way to kill the app when finished [in Win XP SP3] you need to use the task manager to kill the process. When you do that, your system still has the four explorer.exe running.

  2. DdW says:

    I’am a clueless about how exactly i have to move an already executed application to another desktop. This is a severe limitation.

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