My awesome laptop….times 2…

I have had a Lenovo T61p laptop for almost a year now. This is absolutely the best laptop I have ever used ( is not the laptop that has given me so much grief for the past few weeks). The T61p is used as my demo platform when I am in front of audiences and doing webcasts. It have 2 SATA drives in it as well as 8 gigs of RAM. Simply put - the T61p rocks. The ailing laptop I have been complaining about has been my primary machine for doing all the rest of my administrative type work. It has made some of the simplest and mundane tasks an exercise in keeping my cool on many occasion.

The T61p is more than capable of shouldering the burden for both work loads. But I do a LOT of loading and unloading of beta software, test installs, etc and that will destabilize even the best machine. So I like keeping work and demo environments separate. I also use Vista Ultimate as my administrative work image and Windows 2008 with Hyper-V for my demos. I am considering moving to Windows 2008 as my primary workstation platform but that is content for a different post.

Well....I was just informed today that I would be receiving a second T61p. That means I will be rock solid in both work loads which makes me much more productive which makes me very, very happy.

No more pulling my hair out when pressing the CAPS LOCK key turns off wireless.

No more screaming when my laptop refuses to connect to ANY WiFi hotspot.

No more taking my machine out of Standby to find that my keyboard no longer works (except for the ENTER Key)

All of this should result in much better productivity for me which means better content and more time for social networking, blogging, and investigating cool stuff to let you know about.

I don't know exactly when I get the new laptop, but let's see if you can figure it out based upon my perceived mood online and in my postings.



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