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I didn't receive nearly as much feedback to my question about where you get your news from as I wish I had so I had to go looking on my own. One thing I realized is that I do not spend enough time at the on10 and TechNet EDGE sites. Sure...these sites are overwhelmingly geared toward Microsoft/Windows based apps and technologies but that happens to be what I use so it works for me.

As an example, tonight I ran across an article by Sarah Perez (Sarah in Tampa) about an update to Tiny Twitter that allows me to post pictures and do geo-location.

Sarah also posted an article on using HDDSCAN to diagnose hard drive issues. I could have used this article a few days ago when I helped recover a friends drive with vital pictures on it.

One of my fellow evangelists, Jeff Alexander out of Australia, has a nice Introduction to PowerShell screencast over on the TechNet Edge site.

My friend and co-worker Matt Hester has a posted oodles of great screencasts over on the EDGE portal. I particularly like his recent postings on Internet Explorer 8.

I have posted only one screencast to EDGE thus far which was my long awaited interview with one of the BitLocker PM's.

These are great portals for learning about existing as well as new and upcoming technologies. I will be spending a LOT more time on them.



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