Just loaded TwitterFeed….

I am sure there are people who read my blog who don't follow me on Twitter. I am sure I have Twitter followers that don't read my blog. I am also sure that many like to keep those things separate and have no interest in following me on both. So when I found out about TwitterFeed, a service that pushes your blog posts to Twitter, I immediately thought about how I could get blog updates into Twitter without burdening those that follow me. I don't want a lot of duplication between the two and I want to be selective about what I push out.

Since TwitterFeed uses RSS feeds from the blog to update Twitter, I decided to create a "twitterfeed" tag and use the RSS feed from that tag as what TwitterFeed links to. Now, if there is a blog post that I feel is important enough that I want to push it to Twiiter, I just add the twitterfeed tag and that post will get picked up. That allows me to pick and choose what posts I want pushed to Twitter.

This post is tagged as such..... I promise I won't tag every post going forward....  🙂



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am really starting to enjoy Twitter . Actually, I am enjoying the experience that certain applications

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