Have you heard about "Mojave" OS?

You probably have read some stories on the "Mojave" experiment. For those that have not, Microsoft invited people to come see a preview of a new Microsoft Operating system codenamed "Mojave". The people invited with Vista naysayers. At the end of the presentation it was revealed that what they were really looking at was actually Vista. This was after many of the naysayers stated they liked what they saw in "Mojave"

Check out the Mojave Experiment site on July 29th for more info.....



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  1. Jose Alvarado says:

    I didn’t hear but i love the idea! Oh my god that’s brilliant, that’s for me demostrate why vista is the best OS & for my own experience i have to say, the 1st wall for consumer is knowledge, none of them go and buy a book like plain & simple or step by step, when the consumer buy those books really start to understand vista, i have to give free mini-events at my coffe shop to show people why vista is better, and office 2007 is the same problem, people say that office suck! but You know why!, they can’t or they really dont know how to save a file in the legacy version 97-2003.  How is this posible, why consumer never read the manual? not all but a lot them.

    What do you think?

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