Have you ever spent hours and hours and hours trying to resolve something and ultimately it could have been resolved in just a few minutes?  That is the experience I had over the past couple of days. I was working with a couple of virtual machines that were created with Virtual PC only I was using them in Hyper-V. The issue I had was getting the new Integration Services for Hyper-V (sort of the equivalent of VM Additions for Virtual PC) working with these VM's.

I removed the VM additions, rebooted, installed the IS components, rebooted, and.... change.

I tried many, many iterations of going into safe mode and trying to track down registry info, and, blah, blah, blah.....checkbox

Ultimately the fix came down to a check box.   

I finally broke down and posted to an internal alias about the issue and received a response instructing me to run MSCONFIG.EXE, choose the BOOT tab, Advanced, then check the box for Detect HAL, then reboot the VM.

Once that was complete, the IS stuff worked.

Damnable check boxes.....



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  1. Anonymous says:

    A colleague of mine, Chris Avis, had a great post on his blog recently. It’s exactly the kind of post

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