Revenge of the Nerd Dinners….

Tonight I am going to my first Nerd Dinner. My wife would argue that she has been living Nerd Dinners for the past 8 years, but that is a story for another time. Scott Hanselman organized this for tonight over at the Food Court at the Crossroads Bellevue Mall (note....the link to directions on the invite site was dead as of this posting. I sent a corrected link to Scott).

I have never been to a nerd dinner.

I have no idea who will be there or what to expect. But just the thought of nerds/geeks/dweebs/dorks meeting at "the mall" revives memories of playing D&D at the mall back in the early 80's. A bunch of gangly, cumbersome, pimply faced kids with shirts buttoned up to the top button, scores of well sharpened #2 pencils (critical for D&D!), graph paper, and 20-sided dice. The ultimate party foul was to spill a Coke on the playing field.

These days I am not so gangly and I only endure the occasional zit (come on...I am 42! go away already!). I stopped playing D&D loooong ago (I would enjoy playing again if there is a group on the East Side) but I still have most of my gear. In fact I still have my original D&D manuals from the 70's. I wonder how much those might be worth.

Anyway....I am looking forward to hanging out with some fellow geeks tonight and meeting some new people. If you happen to be free tonight, come on out!


Nerd Dinner!   Tonight!      Be there and Be Square!



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