BitLocker Interview is finally online…..


You won't be accessing it directly from my blog. Instead, I have posted it through the Technet EDGE portal. Why?  Because the file is 325 megs in size and hosting it at home really isn't an option. Also, I am limited on storage space for where our blogs reside. I am working on getting that resolved so that I can host some things directly through the blog and others on EDGE.

"Hey Chris! Why the hell did it take so long for you to get this online?!?!?!"

1) I am not a video editing guy (yet) and the tool set to do all of this is a little convoluted to work with. I had stuff to learn.

2) I really wanted to post things like this to my blog instead of another property. But when push comes to shove I really just need to get the content out there. I am working on some other blogging things that will let me host it all myself.

3) I am a horrible procrastinator....(working on that too)....

Now that I have run through the initial toolset, my next project will be to do some significantly smaller videos and screencasts to stream via SilverLight. I am actually working on that today so you may see some samples later today or early tomorrow. Not guaranteeing it, just working on that as my goal.


Oh yeah....I guess I should provide the link for the BitLocker Interview!!




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