Get the fact about Vista from Technology Wizards…..

Technology Wizards is a group of independent IT consultants with a strong focus on small business. I have delivered some Windows and SBS sessions for their group in the past. Ken Shafer leads the group and he let me know about an independent "Get The Facts" seminar they are delivering on Vista. You can get more information and register for the event here. Here is a summary of what the event is about....

"Are you an IT Pro, Reseller or Consultant considering whether or not to deploy or recommend deploying Windows Vista for business use? Are you trying to figure out how to recommend to technical or business decisions makers whether to upgrade or not, and why?  Are you frustrated with all the opinions and hype and want the real facts?

This FREE educational event will be conducted by a group of independent IT Professionals and is not about marketing spin or opinion-based rhetoric. It is about getting the facts you need to make a decision regarding deployment of Windows Vista.

We will cover many of the features and benefits of Windows Vista, but we will do it with a real-world approach. You will also hear about some of the challenges and solutions, including deployment and features of Service Pack 1.

In addition, a panel discussion will give you an opportunity to get questions answered that may be lingering.

If you are an IT Decision Maker, IT Professional or a Technology Reseller/Consultant, this is the Windows Vista event you've been waiting for."

If you happen to be in the Portland, OR area on June 17th, check them out!



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