Guitar Hero 4….

I am a BIG Guitar Hero fan. I have been playing about a year now ever since I stumbled onto the game at a Microsoft training seminar. I started with Guitar Hero 2 for the XBox 360. It took me about 6 months to get through the whole game on Expert. I never did finish Jordan but that had a lot to do with picking up GH3 late last year. Maybe I will go back and try to beat it later tonight. I then moved on to GH3 which I started on Expert and worked my way backwards for the achievements.

You could say I am a GH junkie at this point. I am anxiously awaiting the Aerosmith add-on pack that is on pre-sale in many game stores right now.  My wife despises the game though I am sure it has as much to do with how much time I play it as it does to listening to me screw up the same songs over and over and over and over and over..... Heart's "Barracuda" is a bad ass song, but you can only listen to it 20-30 times in a row before it gets a little stale. But I have to admit that when she tells me "You could have learned to play a real guitar in the amount of time you have invested in that game!", she is probably right. Maybe it's time to pick up the acoustic, tune it, and learn some real chords.

Yesterday I received my copy of Game Informer which had Guitar Hero 4 info plastered all over the cover. My heart started racing at the prospect of a bunch of new songs. But after reading and seeing they were adding support for a drum kit and vocals, I started to reconsider my desire to get Rock Band. I like to sing Karaoke (my wife and I go almost every Saturday night) so Rock Band has been pretty attractive up to now. I suspect I will still pick up Rock Band at some point but I am not in as much of a hurry now. According to the articles, GH4 will have pressure sensitive drum pad so the game can tell the difference between light tapping and beating the crap out of the drums a la Keith Moon. Sweet.

But my favorite part is being able to create custom songs. I have been quite jealous of all the custom song postings on You Tube by the PS3 GH players. It's about time that we get the same capability on the 360. The songs I would like to add to the game are endless. I imagine some people will add some very, very obscure tracks or just compose there own original songs. The possibilities are endless!

You can get additional details on GH4 over on GameSpot.

Something that might humor you....I am entering a Guitar Hero Tournament this Saturday. If you happen to be in Kirkland, Wa with nothing to do, stop by TechCity Bowl between 3:30 and 6:30. I should be easy to spot....look for the oldest guy there!



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  1. BUBBA says:

    yo…i have the same story as u man… but my girl doesnt mind me playing guitar hero cuz shes a junkie to… oh yea expert/expert on co-op career in gh3 and rock band

  2. Chris E. Avis says:

    My wife played with me a few times but just couldn’t stay into it. So I have not done much of the Co-Op stuff yet. I need to find a local GH geek to come over and help me knock it out.  

    Any takers?

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