Home Network Update……

As a part of upgrading my home network, I decided to re-purpose one of my machines as a WSUS server. Sleestak was going to end up as a second DC and a test machine. Now is is a DC and a WSUS 3.0 server. I had an old version of SUS that I wasn't using (I am not sure it was ever working correctly) so I decided to toss that out and move over to WSUS 3.0. I really like the interface for the latest WSUS and know it will help me patch up my home network more efficiently than the manual process I was using before.

I decided to get WSUS in before doing the rest of the upgrades so I could have my patch management solution ready to go as soon as the machines come up. This way as soon as they installed, I can get them into the appropriate groups in WSUS and get them patched quickly.

I only have a single test group right now where a Tablet PC resides. I am creating final groups for Servers and Workstations as well. I may break my two Exchange servers away from the rest of the pack as they are the most critical servers I run.

I thought I was off the road as of this week, but I picked up an event in SoCal for next week so I am pushing my upgrades out a week. I will do some work over the weekend and post here.


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