Using Windows 2008 as a workstation….

As a part of upgrading my network, I am toying with the idea of using Windows 2008 server as a Workstation. It has most of the same features as Vista and what it doesn't have I don't really need anyway. I mentioned this in a seminar a couple weeks ago and that I had stumbled upon a site that gives information on use Win2008 as a workstation. You can find that site here.

I am slowly converting things at home ad hope to provide an update later today....



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  1. I’m using Windows 2008 as a workstation for about a week. I’m very happy with the performance an stability of the system. I made the modifications listed in and in I’m having problems with media player when playing some videos (very slow). I made some tests, like compressing files while using Office and other tools and performance is very good. I think is a very good choice.


  2. Chris E. Avis says:

    I am going to spend some time later today building a Win2008 machine out as a workstation on my new quad core box. I imagine it will runn pretty well!


  3. Tarek Majdalani says:


    I have been using Windows Server 2008 as a workstation on my Laptop for more than a month and installed Hyper-V and i am really enjoying the permformance.

    I have written an article on this :

    What i like about Windows Server 2008 is that anything that i need i can enable it ( add feature, role ) and i can leave anything that i dont need disabled 🙂



  4. Chris says:

    One thing that at this point DOES NOT work under server 2008 are ANY TV TUNER CARDS. Not a single one works, so hopefully there will be some support from vendors in the very near future. I have a server at home that i really want to use for recording tv, as i have a web based media portal running on it. I stream my music to where ever I am and would like to do the same with TV broadcasts, transcoded of course 😉

  5. Chris E. Avis says:

    I am in the same boat. I would like to have a Media Server that gathers all the info, with remote Media Centers that display the information. Until Football season starts up, I watch mostly time-shifter programming so I don’t even need a tuner in my living MCE most of the time.

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