Second Life and a Windows 2008 Launch….

Not everyone has been able to make it to one of our Live Windows 2008 Launch events. So a small group of us here at Microsoft are heading into Second Life world to deliver our launch content. We will be "in world" on April 26th to deliver our full launch presentations that you would see at any "real world" launch event.

This should be fun if not at least interesting. I have not spent a lot of time in world yet, but look forward to delivering some launch content there. I will be in Second Life this afternoon to better orient myself with the world. My Avatar is named Loper Markova if you wish to track me down and do some hand holding while I get accustomed to my new Second Life.

Zain Naboulsi is heading up the charge on the Developer side of the world while I am delivering the IT Pro related content. As noted, we are doing the same content that you would see if you were to attend a live event in the physical world. I am afraid that we can only offer virtual soft drinks and muffins though. 🙂

Zain has posted all the details for getting into Second Life and attending the sessions. We look forward to seeing you there you there!



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