Slides for the launch content….

I have had several people email telling me they can't locate the slides for the launch content on my blog. I am just using the Search field on the left sidebar of my blog and looking for "slides" and I am finding them as 4 of the first 5 hits. Ignore the top hit as that is from an old event.

Please comment here if this is not working for you and I will ping our IT staff.



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  1. Phuoc Nguyen says:

    Still not able to locate the .ppt slides. Can you tell us the path so we can click on that path and see the slides again.



  2. Super Geek says:


    Just reading some of your information here.  Great stuff.  I wasn’t able to find the promo code that was listed for the MSDN subscriptions in the slides on Technet.  The one that was in the slides that I wrote down from that day say it is no good.  Could you email or repost the 40% off promo code. The invalid one listed in your slide was: tmsaml02

  3. Chris E. Avis says:

    Sorry!    I Missed this comment!   The code for Launch I can’t put online. If you wish to email me I can provide it.


  4. Super Geek says:

    Thank you.  I sent an email from my work email (xrllc) DOT com

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