What machines should I virtualize?

Yesterday, in Spokane, I mentioned a tool that can be used to evaluate physical machines and help make determinations on what machines would be good candidates for virtualization. There are some reporting features built into System Center Virtualization Machine Manager to help make this determination. The downside you have to have SCVMM to get that tool.

There is also the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Tool which can also provide virtualization candidate reporting and is FREE to download. This tool does a lot more than just evaluate candidates though. It can be used for planning migrations to Vista and Office 2007and device inventory. Enjoy!



Comments (2)

  1. Don Swauger says:

    What Motherboards can we purchase now to run Virtual Networking, Several Current ASUS Motherboards will not run Hyper-V Fully.

  2. Chris E. Avis says:

    Hyper-V isn’t specifically dependent on any MoBo. However, the MoBo has to support an AMD or Intel CPU that has the Virtualization components. These are typically listed as AMD-V or Intel VT CPUs.


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