The Ramblin’ Man…. me!

I was in Hartford, CT at 2pm Eastern Time yesterday. I walked in the front door of my house last night at about 11pm Pacific. I made some leftovers, cracked open a beer, and watched American Idol on the DVR. Woke up this morning at 6am, made some breakfast (no beer), and set myself up for my webcast - Part 7 of the 24 hours of Windows Server 2008 - IIS - which starts at 9:30am - played a couple of Guitar Hero 3 tracks to get the blood pumping and now I am typing up this blog. Immediately after the webcast I hop in the car to head back to the airport to fly to Spokane where I will be delivering the Windows 2008 Server launch event. Then back home Thursday night.




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  1. mike says:

    I was at Angelbeat and I will tell you that it was great!!! I learned so much. I am in the process of changing my facility over to virtuality. I was considering MS server 2008 for the project until I realized it does not support Windows 2000. I dread the day that we are forced to use Win Vista.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hey Chris, do you still have that Bitlocker interview you did? Maybe you could reencode it to a smaller size using Windows Media Encoder or post only the text?

  3. Chris E. Avis says:

    Mike – Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V will absolutely allow you to run a Windows 2000 Virtual Machine. I think the supportability concern is more around what support we offer for Windows 2000 since it is an 8 year old OS at this point. But you can absoluetly virtualize Windows 2000 in a Hyper-V environment.


  4. Chris E. Avis says:

    Anonymous –  I still have the BitLocker Interview asnd hope to have it posted soon. Size is less of an issue at this point. I just have to familiarize myself with the process of getting it posted and the tools we use for thta process.


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