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subtitled......Oh Tesla, oh Tesla....where art thou?

Trapeze Networks is on stage right now at the Angelbeat conference and he is talking about the 802.11n wireless spec. The promise of super high speed wireless connectivity is finally becoming a reality. But what caught my ear was something he said about some projects they are involved with. He says there are some schools and hospitals they are working with that are not including any wired networking in their infrastructure - everything will be wireless! Now that is cool!

I have tried to go completely wireless at home a couple of times but quickly ran into issues with streaming media, particularly when multiple devices are involved. So my Media Center PC and my XBox 360 are still hard wired for the time being. Of course my DC's and Exchange are hardwired as well, but we also have a half dozen other more portable machines that I prefer to be wireless. That pesky, wireless network crippling HD content I love so much is the only thing keeping my Media Center and XBox connected by cables.

I do have an 802.11n access point an NIC that I have tested in my Media Center but have not had much success with it. I may have to pick up a more recent set of devices to see if I can get the Media Center off the wire.


Have you had any success with 802.11n and streaming media? What about HD content?



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