Thank you, Harrisburg, PA!

I had a great time today! We had some issues with getting everyone into the venue but it was amazing to me that those of you I spoke to about it understood. I appreciate that understanding. I hope the information I provided was beneficial and worth your time. I am still in Harrisburg and I am still up for Karaoke if someone wants to give me an email or a ring, I will be there!

Oh yeah....caffeine and sugar are your friends....  🙂



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  1. Kevin Astree (PA House of Representatives) says:

    Hey, you did a great job yesterday!! I really enjoyed the presentation. I learned quite a bit about Server 2008 (especially Hyper-V). I am now going to be a regular here at your blog site. Keep it going…


  2. Chris E. Avis says:

    Kevin – Thanks!


  3. George says:


    You did a great job and you have a great sense of humor and your right about being yoda:)

  4. Anthony says:

    What was the web based VPN that you showed us? You said it was still in beta… Whale something?


  5. Chris E. Avis says:

    George – Thank you for the kind words!  It is always nice to hear the positive feedback directly from the audience. I enjoyed the sessions I delivered in New York and Harrisburg. I will have to swap out events to get back out there in the future!


  6. Chris E. Avis says:

    Anthony –

    IAG = Intelligent Application Gateway. It is a part of the expanding Forefront line of security products we offer. It isn’t a web based VPN though. It provides the ability to publish most intranet resources in a secure fashion out to the web and make them accessible with we browser thus eliminating the need to establish a VPN. I love it!

    You can get more information here —


  7. bbjohnson says:

    Hey Chris… Last Thursday was my first Microsoft event ever… You did an awesome job.. I learned a lot. Thanks!

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