Slides – Session 4 – Windows 2008 Web and Application Technologies

This was the hardest session for me to pull together links for. As I noted in my session, I just don't work with web application creation and the related technologies enough to know what is going to be relevant to you. I would love to see some of you share some of your own favorite resources in comments. One blog I know you should take a look at is Scott Guthrie's. Even I hear his name quite a bit. Event though there are fewer links here, IIS.Net truly is the place for all things IIS related. Don't go there unless you have a lot of free time to read...

Session 4 Slides Here

Additional Resources -- - The definitive IIS resource

Microsoft Web Deployment Team blog - All things ASP

Windows 2008/IIS 7 Virtual Labs - Get you hand dirty...

Windows 2008 Application Server landing page


Check out my co-worker Keith Comb's blog post about running some very popular Open Source apps on Windows 2008 and IIS 7. He even screencasted some of the info. I have not watched them yet but I have seen many, many of his screencasts and they always teach me something new.



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  1. Anonymous says:

      Here is the info for Module 4 of the Launches we have been doing.  It is on Windows Server

  2. Anonymous says:

    Back on the east coast again!  I am in Hartford, CT speaking at an Angelbeat conference. Today.

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