Slides – Session 3 – Securing your Infrastructure with Windows 2008

I could post 42 bazillion security related links if I had the time. I have have tried to keep the list relevant to the security session I delivered plus a few extras. Absolutely subscribe to Kai Axford's and Steve Riley's respective blogs. Well you might be able to skip on Kai's. He is going to be pretty worthless now that Brett Favre has retired.  🙂

By the way, I am still working on getting my video interview on BitLocker put online. It will make it. I just need some downtime to work on it.

Session 3 Slides Here

Additional Resources --

Microsoft Security Main page

Microsoft Security Response Center blog

Services Hardening in Windows Vista

Network Access Protection Page

Windows 2008 Security Guide

Windows Vista Security Guide

Read-Only Domain Controllers Step-by-Step Guide

BitLocker Drive Encryption Page

BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool info



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  We just started doing Launch Events for Windows Server

  2. You’re right….last week was a tough one for me, with Brett Favre’s retirement. Now maybe the Cowboys will win at Lambeau Field!

    Good to see you guys talking about the jpys of data protection using BitLocker. Be sure to check out my 8-part Defense in Depth webcast series!

    – Kai

  3. Anonymous says:

    Back on the east coast again!  I am in Hartford, CT speaking at an Angelbeat conference. Today.

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