Slides – Session 1 – What’s New in Windows 2008…

As promised, here are the slides for the Launch sessions I delivered in New York. For those of you attending Launch sessions elsewhere in the country, it is the same set of slide decks. I am breaking the slides up into separate posts so I can provide relevant links for each session. What you download will have more slides than what you will typically see at the live sessions. We cover almost all of the same material in the talk and demo portions. We have to trim things down to fit everything into the 1 hour slots we are provided.

Don't be alarmed by the redirect over to StewedPrunes. That is my inactive personal blog (look for that to change in the near future).

Session 1 Slides Here

Additional Resources --

Infrastructure Optimization

Windows 2008 Home Page

PowerShell Team Blog

PowerShell Home Page

PowerShell FAQ

Group Policy Preferences White Paper

Windows Remote Management over the Internet

Windows Remote Management (MSDN)

Windows Server 2008 Core Installation Options

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (MSDN)

Next Gen TCP/IP Stack Info

The Cable Guy Home Page (Excellent Networking info!)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello!  Thanks for checking out my blog.  We just started doing Launch Events for Windows Server

  2. Anonymous says:

    Back on the east coast again!  I am in Hartford, CT speaking at an Angelbeat conference. Today.

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