Launch Time….

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....Chris Henley beat me out by presenting in Los Angeles last week, but nothing is like New York (btw...that is me sinking the putt if you click the previous link). I am sitting in the green room at the Sheraton Towers on 7th Ave, just blocks from Times Square. I am still on Hawaii time and feeling the time difference. But there is an exhilarating buzz throughout the place that is surprisingly invigorating. I hope the energy carries me through the day.

I wish everyone could attend this event. Like I said, nothing is quite like New York. The weather is spectacular today. A great day for a launch event. When I came in at 7am there were already a couple hundred people mulling around waiting for things to begin. The keynote doesn't even start until 9am. It is now 8:30 and there are what appears to be thousands waiting to get into the main room. You don't need coffee with all the energy in the place. Having some anyway...

David Campbell is the keynote speaker. He is a technical fellow (...really smart dude...) working in the Server Engine group. I don't do much with SQL but I am very interested to hear what he has to say. SQL is everywhere. I imagine many people don't even know they are running SQL when they are. SQL Express is used by many, many desktop type applications. I have a SQL Server at home to support my personal blog but beyond the configurations the blogging software makes, I don't actively do anything with SQL. I bet a lot of other people are in the same boat. That needs to change.

It is now 8:35 and I need to do a final trim on my decks. You will never suffer death by PowerPoint at one of my events....



Comments (5)

  1. Top Tech Arthur says:

    Nice work today. Really great show. Keep it up.

  2. Really enjoyed the sessions with you today!

  3. Chris E. Avis says:

    Thank you all very much for the kind words! Several others approached me on breaks and after the events. It is always good to hear directly from an audience that they are getting something out of the delivery.

    Thank Ya’ll (…you all…)


  4. Tony Chryseliou says:

    Enjoyed the sessions today and look forward to future blog entries on 2008 and 2003 integration as you ‘kick the tires’ 😉

  5. Bob Cousins says:

    Chris – great energy, great content – and very cool that you thanked the technical people behind your presentation.   Any idea when you’ll have those decks for us?  They were extremely informative.  Thanks.  And keep up the great stuff.  Great picture by the way of Hawaii at what 10k feet.

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