Back from vacation….

My wife and I returned from a fabulous one week vacation in Hawaii with some friends. We spent the bulk of the time on Maui which we had never been to before. I won't be able to do a lot of posting of pictures and video from the trip because I am going on the road tomorrow to deliver launch presentations. But I do have a teaser below and will get some more things posted in the next couple of weeks.

We crammed a lot of things into a vacation. So much so that I feel like I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. We snorkeled off Black Rock in Maui and also off the island off Lana'i. We swam with sea turtles, saw the breaching of the humpback whales and a huge school of spinner dolphins. We took a submarine tour, drove the road to Hana, walked through lava tubes, and I stood under a waterfall.

By and far the most exhilarating part of the trip though was the last day when all of us hopped a flight over to O'ahu, drove to the North Shore hopped on another plane and then......jumped out of it. I have been tandem skydiving once before in Texas about 13 years ago. It was, up until this jump the single most exciting, scary, awesome, nutty thing I have ever done.

This jump beat it by a million.....

The picture below is from the jump plane over the North Shore shortly before we jumped out. It was wild jumping out over open water and then working our way back to shore.

I also talked them into letting me take my 1080i HD video camera with me on the jump. I started shooting when we started the walk out to the plane and kept rolling till I touched back down....or so I thought. In review of the tape it turns out I thumbed the on/off switch literally 5 seconds before I jumped out. I caught two solo divers jumping out and I was next. My tandem partner tapped me on the shoulder - the signal to cross my arms and move to the door - and that is where the shot stops. So I have committed to going back next year about this same time to jump again and will make sure I shoot all the way through. Maybe I will be at 1080p by then. Fortunately I paid for them to shoot pictures and video as well. I will post snippets as soon as I can.



Aloha! and....


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